How it works !

Its easy fast and safe !
For Paypal users :
1.Choose your selected product and press “Add to cart” button and then “Buy now” button in cart.Instantly you will be redirected to use our automated phone verification system to verify your Paypal landline or mobile phone number before you proceed to purchase (if you want to use your mobile, please set your mobile as Home number in your Paypal account).You just write in the field your Paypal phone number including the prefix number of your country, and instantly you will receive a call from our automated application and an automated voice will play a secret 4 pin number (for mobile numbers you just receive an SMS contains this pin).You only need to write this pin number to page in order to continue to Paypal for payment.
2.Login to your Paypal account with your details on the right side of page.Please note that you must be a Paypal verified user to buy from .Otherwise you will receive a full refund to your Paypal account and the automated system will not delivery any code to you.Payments from no Paypal members accepted only for a special reason and after you have contact us.
3.After your payment is completed, your browser will be redirected, and the Xbox live card will be shown to your screen.Also will be delivered instantly to your paypal email address for backup reasons.
For Paysafecard users : ( Important : Currently Goldxbox can not accept Paysafecard PINs which are issued in Greece! All other countries Paysafecard PINs works normal.)
1.On the product of your choice, select Paysafecard payment method and press “Add to cart” button and then “Buy now” button in cart.For some countries , maybe a phone verification will be needed in order to proceed to purchase , so please write your phone number together with prefix number of your country (check above on Paypal section for phone verification explanation) and you will be redirected to Paysafecard page to complete your payment.
2.Complete your payment and your browser will be redirected so the Xbox Live card with the code will be shown to your screen.Also will be delivered instantly to your email address for backup reasons.
So you have no to wait anymore email for long time like you do on some other sites and not depends of what time is.You just get instantly what you buy,24 hours a day through automated proccess.Have fun!

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